Special Attorney/Client Telephone & Medical Records Procedures

Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office
Special Attorney/Client Telephone & Medical Records Procedures
COVID-19 Motions

The following procedures are in place to help expedite the filing of COVID-19 motions. These procedures are temporary during this emergency period. The BCSO reserves its right to change these procedures at any time during the COVID-19 emergency and these changes will expire at the end of the COVID-19 emergency.
For attorneys who are working from home or an alternate location, if you need your client to call you at a number not already in the Securus system, you should send an email with your name, phone number, BBO number, and your client’s full name and date of birth to thomas.raymond@sdb.state.ma.us Such requests are subject to verification. These calls are not recorded. Third party calling is not permitted. If you need to have another person on the line (e.g. an interpreter), please make arrangements in advance by contacting Captain Thomas Raymond between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.
If there is a particular time range in which it is best to call you, please indicate that. Be advised that 11:00 a.m. – Noon and 4:00-5:15 p.m. are not available for calls as headcounts and inmate meals are occurring. We will attempt to accommodate time preferences within our capability.
We are currently in the process of installing hardware to enable video visits for personal and professional visits. We hope to have this up and running within a week or so.
Attorneys who elect to come to the jail for a non-contact visit must come into the lobby wearing a suitable mask over their nose and mouth and keep the mask in place until they exit the building. They will also have their temperatures taken upon entry. Attorneys having any symptoms of COVID should not visit the facility in person.
If you need to have documents signed by your client in the presence of a notary, please contact Assistant Superintendent Dan Sheridan at (413) 443-7220 ext 1402  or daniel.sheridan@sdb.state.ma.us
If you need to obtain medical records pertaining to your client, please send an e-mail to all of the following individuals to help insure the most expedient response:


Please indicate whether you are willing to accept e-mail transmission of the records.