U.S. Air Force Reserve Employer Day

Sheriff Thomas Bowler, ADS Diane Maynes and Primary Capt. Peter DiGrigoli were recently the guests of the U.S. Air Force Reserves at Westover Air Force Reserve Base in Chicopee at their Employer Appreciation Day.    We were given demonstrations by the Military Police and the Explosives Divisions, as well as a flight on a C-5 with a chance to sit in the cockpit during flight.    The invitation was extended through Correction Officer Jose Gonzalez, a U.S. Air Force Reservist.    Although the day was meant to show appreciation for the employers of the Air Force reservists, Sheriff Bowler and the staff at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office are proud of Officer Gonzalez and all the other reservists from all the branches of the military that we have on staff.   Thank You all for your service!!!

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