Emergency Management & Response


Mobile Command Center (Funded by WRHSAC)
Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Mobile Command Center manufactured by LDV USA, is a multipurpose vehicle that is capable of being used as an Incident Command Post for any Pre-Planned or Critical Incident, a mobile dispatch center, or a Mobile Police Station.

The vehicle is equipped with interoperable radio communications allowing for multiple agencies to communicate with each other from different radio networks via a Motorola Motobridge Radio Gateway, cellular mobile broadband (VZW & FirstNet), satellite internet (Viasat), satellite television (DirecTV), (2) two 25′ pneumatic towers, high definition video mast camera and on-scene audio & video recording capabilities, Vislink CIRAS X-6 video downlink receiver system, cellular and satellite phone systems and VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz CoMIRS connected radios.

If you are a public safety agency and you are interested in requesting the use of this vehicle or any of the equipment listed on this page, please contact the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center at 413-442-0512, or email Assistant Deputy Superintendent Thomas Grady – thomas.grady@sdb.state.ma.us.


mobile_command_tentMobile Command Tent (Funded by WRHSAC)
Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Sunbelt 20′ X 15′ inflatable Mobile Command Tent. Once inflated the tent can be sealed from the outside, allowing for heating or cooling depending upon outside environmental conditions.



Light Towers (Funded by WRHSAC)
Three (3) light towers, each tower has a generator that provides
120/220 volt power, two (2) inch trailer ball required to tow.





Highway Message Boards  (Funded by WRHSAC)                      
Two (2) highway boards, each board has pre-programmed messages
or you can program your own to use, two (2) inch trailer ball required to tow.




Field Communications Vehicle 50 “FC50” (Funded by WRHSAC)
Interoperable Communication Vehicle that includes a JPS ACU 1000 Radio Gateway, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz CoMIRS connected radios, Cellular Internet, UHF & VHF Repeaters.









Massachusetts CoMIRS Compatible Multi-Band Portable Radio Cache VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz available upon request for pre-planned or critical incidents (Funded by WRHSAC)








FUTURECOM PDR8000 VHF tactical portable repeater w/battery. (Funded by WRHSAC)









If you are a Public Safety Agency and want to reserve any of the radio resources on this page for a Pre-Planned or Critical Incident, please contact Captain Jason A. Breault – jason.breault@sdb.state.ma.us or (413) 443-7220 ext. 1097


For more information on how to request available Regional Resources, navigate to WRHSAC “Western Regional Homeland Security Advisory Council” Resource webpage https://wrhsac.org/resources/resource-guide/