Our Mission

The primary mission of the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office is “to protect the public from criminal offenders by operating a safe, secure and progressive correctional facility while committing to crime prevention awareness in the community.” We accomplish our mission by:

  • Maintaining a safe, secure direct supervision correctional facility while upholding all national standards, laws and judicial decisions.
  • Exploring innovative and cost effective community correction alternatives to incarceration that ensures the efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Pursuing the fair and equitable treatment of inmates while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons (i.e., CORI, Victim/Witness Program).
  • Creating a just and fair environment that encourages positive behavior from criminal offenders (i.e., Direct Supervision Management, Treatment Environment).
  • Promoting education, treatment and social responsibility in an effort to successfully integrate criminal offenders to society (i.e., G.E.D. and ongoing Substance Abuse Programs).
  • Developing public safety initiatives, volunteer and support programs for the prevention of criminal activity and providing the community with pertinent information (i.e., D.A.R.E., Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program, Triad, Public Information Initiatives.)
  • Seeking the highest level of professionalism, through support, motivation and training for all employees with accountability to the public we serve.